Facing Brick

The brick we make depends on your creativity

The colour and shape of the brick we make depends on your creativity. We are guided by your design. The traditional production method for the glazed St. Joris facing brick makes virtually any colour possible. 

The unbaked bricks are given a glaze coating and then baked in tunnel kilns dozens of metres in length using the single firing process. The entire baking process takes several days. This long baking time and the high temperature (1200ºC) results in an attractive, premium quality brick that retains its superb colour under extreme conditions.


  • Standard Dutch size (210x100x50mm) 
  • Standard English size (215x102x65mm) 
  • other longer and larger sizes among others in lengths of 190mm, 240mm, 290mm, 327mm, 440mm, square / rectangular blocks, profile bricks and brick slibs on request. 
  • Sizes/ Shape of your own design like: 
    Polyformat, Diamond Brick, SawTooth etc.


  • Various standard colors in stock
  • Almost all other colors according to the different color charts and subjects (NCS, RAL, Sigma, etc.) available on request