De bedrijfsactiviteiten van St. Joris Keramische Industrie zijn eind februari 2023 beëindigd. Daarmee komt er een einde aan een historie van 100 jaar keramische productie, o.a. op het gebied van glazuurbakstenen en keramische raamdorpels.

De continuïteit in levering van deze producten blijft gewaarborgd door de samenwerking met Wienerberger. Wienerberger heeft de voorraad van St. Joris overgenomen en zet de productie voort op de Wienerberger locatie in Panningen.

Voor meer informatie verwijzen we u naar de website van Wienerberger.
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St. Joris and Klinkers

St. Joris and manufacturer Klinkers presents a unique collaboration!

Glazed Brick Manufacturer St. Joris Keramische Industrie B.V. (Limburg, The Netherlands)
Brick Manufacturer Klinkers at Maastricht (Limburg, The Netherlands), present unique collaboration! 

Since the early 20th century produce Brick manufacturer Klinkers and St. Joris Keramische Industrie b.v. separately from each other contemporary brick products, both with love for the clay and craft, and have been used all over the world. Historical, both companies have little in common, that's what this partnership makes unique. The most beautiful ideas arise were you don’t expect it. In these economic times where the entire branch is in a recession, we have found each other in cooperation and results in a number of different gradings. We expect these sorts to the demand for quirky, contemporary, creative and aesthetically special facades. With us you will find unique facades that architects and developers allow, even in these times, there is something special out of it.

The beauty lies not in the idea alone, beauty is also created by the love of the ceramic product.


  • The idea is developed in Dutch sizet. The collaboration goes beyond just based on Dutch size if you wish other sizes into your project, we can organize this for you. Please, let us know.


  • The colors of St. Joris we can produce to your idea if you are find in one of the collations a better match with another glaze color is obviously no problem!