Color-line Wall Copings

The hard glaze keeps this coping clean!

There are virtually no limits for the wall and balcony coping bricks at St. Joris either. The Color-Line with the glazed top coating and ‘donkey back’ in iron clinker are available in various dimensions. And we will be pleased to help you with more specific requirements. The hard glaze keeps this coping clean without protection, even after decades. This wall coping is also available as a cemented component.


  • rounded double-sided Color-Line copying
    ½ brick: 212x105mm / 112x105mm
    brick: 319x105mm / 219x105mm
    cavity wall 2-part glued: 540x105mm / 440x105mm
    specified cavity wall is the maximum size. Do you wish a smaller size/design please contact us.
  • rounded single-sided Color-Line coping, brick wall
  • can be used in combination with the Color-Line brick 210x135x50mm and Color-Line window sill 170x105x50mm


  • available as standard in black and brown glazed
  • almost all other colors according to the different color charts and subjects (NCS, RAL, Sigma, etc.) available on request