Window sill brick

The window sill of St. Joris: Reliable and Widely usable!

The St. Joris window sill series: reliable, and broadly deployable! Resistant to the most extreme weather conditions, colour-fast, self-cleaning and of course available in many different glaze colours.

The windowsill bricks consist of ceramic components of outstanding quality that protect them against the most extreme weather conditions. The bricks are manufactured with water barriers of 2 cm and 5 cm. We deliver both models in various dimensions. The end bricks have a raised side rim. 

The colourful window sill series is available in glazed or unglazed iron clinker and can also be delivered as prefab element.


2cm barrier: 105×105x32mm, 130×105x32mm, 160×105x32mm, 160×105x25mm dun, 180x105x32mm, 215×105x32mm, 250×105x32mm and 280×105x32mm

5cm barrier: 160×105x32mm, 215×105x32mm 

  • virtually all dimensions available with glazed end brick.


  • Standard:
    Brown, black, white, grey, green, blue, bordeaux and stone red, pink, yellow and Unglazed purple brown