Choose your own glaze....

Choose your own glaze.... - St. Joris

At St. Joris we are used to develop any glaze for you. On this page you will find the most recent example.

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Glaze of the Month

Glaze of the Month - St. Joris

New developments within the Company of St. Joris Keramische Industrie b.v.follow in rapid succession. This glaze can be applied to any product which is produced by St. Joris. From window sill to the large ceramic wall system it is possible in this new glaze!

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Everything is possible in glazed bricks!

Take inspiration. From forms, colours and materials that form part of a creative building process. From subtle lines or clear forms that challenge us to create something special. From the coloured completely glazed bricks of St. Joris, which are designed to fit in with traditional facades and modern architecture. And everything in between.

At St. Joris you will find a huge collection of glazed bricks. Made with personal attention to each and every brick. Designed in-house. If possible, in partnership with you, so that you can build on your creativity with craftsmanship. Our craftsmanship

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