Soft Moulded

Chosen with devotion: the clay for our Soft Moulded bricks

Chosen with devotion: the clay for our soft moulded brick. This primary Westerwalder clay type has a very low contamination level. Because of its sanding layer the brick forms an ideal base for modern and traditional buildings and projects.

The brick is shaped and dried using the traditional method with sand. The glazed coating consists of pure natural products. The brick is baked at a temperature of 1200°C.

Standard we produce the shapely soft moulded bricks. 



  • standard dimensions: Dutch size 210x100x50mm
  • Size: 210x100x65mm available on request 
  • Linears 440x102x50mm, 490x102x50mm available on request 
  • other dimensions, profiled bricks and brick slips are available on request




  • various standard colours in stock
  • Almost all other colors according to the different color charts and subjects (NCS, RAL, Sigma, etc.) available on request