KLM Houses Amsterdam


Project: KLM Houses Amsterdam

Architect: Rappange & Partners Amsterdam

Product: Extruder 215x102x65mm and Ceramic Wall 215x102x215mm

Glazuur: Z14 Cobalt Blue en WT-10 White


KLM apartments in heart of the city of Amsterdam. The architecture of the small building in the Oude Armsteeg is inspired by Delftware gin houses, the KLM distributed since 1952 under its Business Class passengers. The design plays with the cliché the 'Dutch', especially with the applicable foreign image of Amsterdam / Netherlands: the red light district, Delft Blue, KLM and 17th century architecture. St. Joris is well known, among other things, due to its low dimensional tolerances of the bricks. What is a very important base in this type of project.