Science Studio Stroud


St. Joris develops unique glazed bricks for world-famous English artist. Masterful façade featuring white glazed bricks.

“Exquisite white glazed facing bricks make world-renowned artist Damien Hirst’s Science Studio a fabulous building”. A comment from the English architect, of Designscape Architects Bath. The firm was delighted to see its own design given an extra dimension thanks to the white glazed facing bricks from Beesel-based St. Joris.

A unique, world-famous artist deserves a unique studio.  And that can definitely be said of the new Damien Hirst Science Studio. The exclusive punctiform architecture featuring a glossy white facing brick that twinkles in the sunlight and is finished with a white-coloured slimline 4 mm joint make this building the jewel of Dudbridge, a suburb of Stroud, England.

Specially developed glaze:

The facing bricks are of the standard English size 215 x 102 x 65 mm, with the white glaze layer created using a process developed specially for this project by St. Joris.  The Limburg firm produced additional “specials” to create the beautiful sharp angles featured in this project. The management and employees of St. Joris regard it as a special honour to be able to assist on this project. “It gave us the opportunity to show that, when it comes to special glazes, we can fulfil all the architect’s wishes and make the glaze and shape of the bricks according to project-specific requirements.