Idéal pour le collage et les éléments préfabriqués!


Our hand form and facing slips are used both for renovation projects and for newbuildings. They are also ideal for prefab components. These slips are produced in the same singlefiring process as for our bricks.

The unbaked bricks are given a glaze coating and then baked in tunnel kilns dozens of metres in length using the single firing process. The entire baking process takes several days. This long baking time and the high temperature (1200ºC) results in an attractive, premium quality brick that retains its superb colour under extreme conditions.


  • Standard Dutch size 210x50mm slib thicknesses available from 15mm
  • Standard English size 215x65mm slib thicknesses available from 15mm
  • Should in your project be desirable thicker slips, we can achieve this on a project basis.


  • Almost all other colors according to the different color charts and subjects (NCS, RAL, Sigma, etc.) available on request