Renovation and Restoration

Many shape- and profile bricks for the renovation and restoration sector.

St. Joris Keramische Industrie has been producing many shape and profile bricks for the renovation and restoration sector. Shape and profile bricks in Extruder- and Soft Moulded versions are many products used in the renovation and restoration sector.

We can produce your old glazed shape- and/or profile Brick from scratch. You only need to send us a drawing or a sample based on one of these 2 items we can produce the brick in the desired version.

Traditionally this profile bricks were glazed in the two burning process. Bricks produced by Brick manufacturers after the brick was made they glazed the brick and then fired again.
Over the course of the years, you will see that the glaze is not frost resistend and get frost damage as a result.

Perhaps you read on our website that St. Joris Keramische Industrie produced by the Single firing process. In this process guarantees that the glazed brick over the years remains constant and does not crackle.


  • Please, ask about our possibilities of Shape and Profile bricks. For each application, St. Joris has the ability to produce them.


  • Color Match in Renovation and Restoration best based on an existing sample brick 
  • almost all other colors according to the different color charts and subjects (NCS, RAL, Sigma, etc.) available on request