Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam


Project: Restoration Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo Rotterdam

Architect: BroekenBakema Rotterdam

Product: Multple types of Specials and Tiles 

Glazuur: The same as 80 years ago. St. Joris have his own Lab where we were able to develop this glaze.

Restoration of the original dikhuidenvleugel from 1939 Rivièrahal of the Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam. The complex was designed by Sybold of Ravesteyn and has for several years been designated as a national monument. After thorough historical and technical research the original color components are repaired and cleaned. There were also some new elements added in a contempory style.

Especially for this particular project, St. Joris manufactured based on 75 years old drawings exactly the profile and dimensions in.

After intensive color technical research in our laboratory we managed to redevelop the existing color and gloss in a new glaze.