Series: Linears

Slim is the fashion, also in architecture. St. Joris now introduces a special series of long and thin bricks. The Linear long sizes series gives the facade a slimmer and more robust, but also a more colorful picture. The Linear series are available in many different colours. 

As an architect you might by looking for more elegance and style in your design? We offer you the solution, with these attractive Linear series. A series of long sizes that gives your design a stylish and individual appearance. These long bricks provide a fantastic look. The building looks more elegant with these exciting new series, gives the façade an elongated effect and emphasizes the thinness.

It gives architects an even larger design freedom and allows for full flexibility in design and makes every building highly distinctive. Because of the long size, combined with the variety of glazing possibilities (Matte, High Gloss, Nuance, Metallic) it creates a wide range of effects, the building will have her own identity. The term Linear is in fact already from a length of 290mm. A length that St. Joris already produced for over a decade. These long sizes are already used in several projects.

Long sizes: Series linears are available in Extruder, Soft Moulded and Wasserstrich version. Extruder to a length of 440mm, Soft Moulded and Wasserstrich lengths up to 490mm.

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